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We design Elegant Wedding Decorations and are passionate about everything we do. Everything we do for any wedding is New and Elegant. It is because we listen to our brides, and we know how to translate your ideas into the atmosphere you are looking for and are willing to creatively find ways to turn your dreams into reality. At Elegant Wedding Decor, with all the choices and selections available, there's no reason to be less than satisfied with your choice. Whether you are planning a wedding, wedding shower, anniversary, or any other event party, Elegant Wedding Decor has the perfect arrangement to suit your needs. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that will not only be memorable to the guests attending the event, but most importantly unforgettable to the clients we are serving. This is your opportunity to make your big day truly unique. All of our Elegant Sofreh Aghd are hand crafted with outmost attention paid to detail. We create a Sofreh that you will love. Although the Sofreh Aghd is traditional, we make sure to create a Sofreh that's beyond your taste, style, and imagination. There are so many different color schemes, styles and sizes for you to choose from.  Therefore, we will certainly include the traditional items on the Sofreh Aghd, which are important symbols for your marriage. We may also include other things that you like and to give it more of an Elegant Decor.The articles traditionally placed on the Sofreh Aghd are symbolic and each represent the hopes of those close to the bride and groom for the new couple.